Oct 04 2021

AnaCap completes two performing loan investments in Spain with a face value of €200mn

AnaCap Financial Partners (“AnaCap”), a leading specialist mid-market investor announces the successful closure of two performing loan transactions in Spain out of its fourth Credit Opportunities fund.

The first investment is a portfolio comprised of ~55,000 point-of-sale originated consumer loans, with a significant portion originating from the health and dental sector. The second investment is a non-core disposal of point-of-sale-originated auto and consumer loans from one of Spain’s largest banks, believed to be the first non-core bank disposal of performing auto loans in the Spanish market.

Both deals represent ~€200m face value in seasoned, granular performing portfolios, where AnaCap has a long-standing track record of providing solutions to sellers of non-core assets. These investments further demonstrate AnaCap’s ability to execute across Europe – analysing large volumes of data in light of an increasingly uncertain economic backdrop and addressing often complex operational requirements to ensure continuity of customer service.

To capitalise on such opportunities, AnaCap now boasts a team of 15 investment and 27 asset servicing and management professionals strategically located across core European markets including Spain, supporting origination, execution and ongoing management of a broad range of asset types. In this instance, AnaCap is also leveraging a relationship with a best-in-class European consumer debt servicer which dates back to its first credit fund in 2009.  The underwriting phase due diligence and ongoing asset servicing and management required for such granular portfolios are each further enhanced by AnaCap’s powerful digital intelligence platform, Minerva.

AnaCap’s Credit business focuses on a broad range of performing and non-performing consumer, SME and corporate debt as well as real estate, with a long track record of incremental expansion across geographies and asset types. AnaCap consistently seeks to leverage its data-intensive, analytical and operationally based asset management capabilities to provide solutions across asset types, with a core focus on highly cash generative and/ or hard asset-backed investments.

Konstantin Karchinov, Managing Director (Credit) at AnaCap, commented:

“We are delighted to announce this next wave of deals in Spain.  These transactions arise from strong working relationships locally and further demonstrate our well-established credentials in delivering solutions around non-core performing assets.”

Karchinov added:

“AnaCap’s credit business has a strong pipeline for activity in the remainder of 2021 across a broad range of asset types but centred around geographies we know exceptionally well.”